Schneiterpartner develops brand identity for Jung Architektur

Schneiterpartner has developed a new brand identity for the architecture firm Jung Architektur from Näfels, with the claim "For Generations".

Thirteen years after its foundation as a sole proprietorship, today with a team of eleven employees and two apprentices, Jung Architektur has decided to reflect the development also in the brand. The architecture firm from Näfels GL commissioned Schneiterpartner with the development and realization of the brand identity. Pre-structured interviews with the management, employees, partners and customers as well as an in-depth brand workshop were used to develop the content and communication building blocks for the development of the brand strategy.

With the brand promise "For Generations", both the content guideline in the sense of sustainability and the demand on the business development and offer were defined. Thanks to the promise and the brand values, an attitude and ambition are anchored on the one hand, and on the other, Jung Architektur now also has a compass for assessing decisions and actions for today and tomorrow.

The brand strategy also sets the pace for corporate design and all communicative measures. The precisely reduced signature of Jung Architektur's work was also transferred to the brand world, from the brand and the use of the subtly animated logo, to the targeted use of type, to the color and image world, which was edited and implemented with Samuel Trümpi with local roots.

The implementations range from stationery, documentation, signage and signaletic elements to the new website. Parallel to the launch of the new brand, the journal was also launched on the website, where Jung Architektur both reports on projects and addresses overarching topics and issues relating to architecture by means of journalistic contributions.

After going-live in summer 2022, further communicative measures and content will be developed and published in partnership.

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