Jung von Matt Brand Identity makes Swiss Post fit for the future

The iconic money of the Post is "cult": Now Jung von Matt Brand Identity transforms a rigid corporate design into a fluid design corridor.

Every child in Switzerland knows the yellow of the Post - and most Swiss:in recognize the typical typeface at first glance. But even cult brands continue to evolve. That's why Jung von Matt Brand Identity made Swiss Post fit for the future and transformed a rigid corporate design into a fluid design corridor.

Tomorrow's Swiss Post must be ready today for the challenges of the future. This also means that the traditional Swiss company will develop into new areas of service and provide new services for its almost three million customers. In order to cope with this change, the Swiss Post brand must also transform itself, become more flexible and create more design space for a wide range of channels and target groups.

The brand experts at Jung von Matt Brand Identity have therefore further developed the brand identity of Swiss Post. The result is a solution that uses a design corridor to enable situation-specific communication, reduces rules and at the same time leaves fixed elements for orientation: The Swiss Post logo, the familiar typeface and the identity-creating postal yellow are the only binding elements.

Continuous roll-out

The new approach to the further developed brand elements is being rolled out on an ongoing basis, and the first works within the design corridor have already been created: In addition to the employer branding measures and the social media presence, the campaign for Post Advertising, which Jung von Matt Limmat and Jung von Matt Tech realized, is particularly noteworthy.

Because of the new opportunities created by flexibility, the Post's design team was coached and supported on-site by brand designers from Jung von Matt Brand Identity for several weeks.

"With the new brand identity, we have placed responsibility for the Post brand much more broadly within the company. This also means that you have to have a lot of confidence in your own organization - but I am convinced that we can do it. Not least because of the close cooperation and support from Jung von Matt Brand Identity, we can develop a lot of know-how and feeling internally for the design of the brand," says Marc Hadorn, Head of Brand & Identity at Swiss Post.

Responsible at Swiss Post: Nora Tanner, Andreas Badstöber, Ana Ingold, Marc Hadorn. Responsible at Jung von Matt Brand Identity: Christina Widmann, Alessandra Bally, Julius Jäger, Pablo Scheidegger.

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