After the merger with Coop Bau+Hobby: Kreisvier gives Jumbo a new look

At the beginning of the year, kreisvier was delighted to win a new budget from Jumbo. After intensive months of cooperation, the creative merger of Coop Bau+Hobby and Jumbo has now also been successfully completed.


The challenge for Jumbo's new corporate design was both to remain true to Jumbo's DNA and to present Coop Bau+Hobby's existing customers with a world that was not completely new. For the design, it was a matter of "feeling the best of both" in terms of design as well.

For the new appearance, kreisvier developed a comprehensive corporate design that meets all retail-relevant requirements in a format- and media-neutral manner. Whether at the POS, as service communication, for promotional brochures, as a poster, film, banner or mailing.

The new brand campaign kicks off, as usual, with attractive offers and a TV commercial that positions Jumbo as a "maker of possibilities" thanks to its wide range of products in the garden, DIY and hobby sectors.

Responsible at Jumbo: Andreas Siegmann (Company Manager), Daniel Hofmann (Head of Communications Jumbo), Zorica Jurkovic (Head of Advertising Bau+Hobby). Responsible at Kreisvier: Michael Schmidt, Carmen Stähelin, Andreas Erfert, Philipp Kropf, Christian Martin, Dario Bonarrigo, Sinia Brugger (creation), Imke Fichtner, Sybille Gundry, Daniela Burget, Lorena Wissler, Thorbjörn Krischke, Zeynep Danyeri (DTP), Alexandra Kellenberger, Kristina Gerhardt, Monika Freiburghaus, Serhat Yokus (consulting). Responsible at Shining: Leonardo Sanfilippo (Executive Producer), Yanik Müller (Senior Producer), Antonia Grosse Line Producer), Lukas Maeder (Director), Natascha Vavrina (Director of Photography), Nicolas Bechtel (Edit), Simon Hardegger (Grading).



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