Pat Burgener becomes VW brand ambassador

Pat Burgener, one of the best Swiss freestyle snowboarders and successful musician, becomes the new brand ambassador for VW Commercial Vehicles.


At the end of the year, the first "ID Buzz", which will arrive in Switzerland, will be officially handed over to him as his new company car. As the official ambassador of the all-electric ID. Buzz, will be able to travel to his adventures and concerts in a sustainable and CO2-free way. At the end of July, he was already able to take a first test drive in the Lausanne area with the all-electric ID. Buzz,

The 28-year-old is one of the best Swiss freestyle snowboarders and has been a member of the Swiss national team since 2011. Pat Burgener is not only a snowboarder - he runs a content agency with his brother Marc- Antoine, who is also his manager, produces music videos and short films and besides that he still finds time for his hobbies like skateboarding and surfing. On top of all this, he now also has a remarkable music career to his name. With the single "Mexico", which was released about three weeks ago, he brings out another song of his album, which will be released in November. At the same time, he can still be seen on various stages in Switzerland during his tour throughout September.

"Pat has style, is an energetic multi-talent and, with his thirst for freedom, which his music also conveys, is an ideal match for the values and attitude to life that the ID. Buzz stands for," says Rico Christoffel, Brand Director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Switzerland. At the end of the year, Pat Burgener will be the first ID. Buzz, which will be coming to Switzerland, will be officially handed over to Pat Burgener as his new company car.

The ID. Buzz is not yet officially on the Swiss market, but Pat had the opportunity to exclusively test his future company car at the end of July.

The ID Buzz with a 77 kWh battery supplies power to a 150 kW electric motor. This enables a range of up to 420 kilometers according to WLTP.

The test drive ends in Lavaux, where Pat had to say goodbye to the ID. Buzz - but only temporarily, because he will already receive his own at the end of the year. "And then it's off to the adventures on the road," he says enthusiastically. So Pat can use the all-electric ID. Buzz, Pat will be able to travel to competitions, concerts or surfing vacations in southwest France sustainably and CO2-free.

Responsible at VW Commercial Vehicles: Manuel Marchev (Head of Marketing), Marco Niggli (Teamleader Marketing Communication), Benjamin Menzi (Marketing Communication Manager), Jannine Müller (Trade Marketing Manager), Andrea Brengard (Live Marketing Manager) Responsible at WABS: Marc-Antoine Burgener (Co-Founder & Director), Etienne Claret (Co-founder & Content Creator), Bruno Perrin (Content Creator).

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