FS Parker refreshes the Pro Juventute Foundation

FS Parker helps the Pro Juventute Foundation for the Promotion of Children and Young People to present a clearer, fresh image to potential partners.

Pro Juventute

Sales is the lifeblood for many companies. But what is the key to winning a lead? The effect is achieved through the skilful interplay of various elements such as the product itself and the presentation to potential investors or customers.

FS Parker advised Pro Juventute on the creation of the new appearance of the partnership presentation and gave the communication materials a brand refresh. The foundation uses these documents to introduce itself to potential partners. Because of its many uses, the pitch deck must function both as a presentation document in face-to-face meetings and as a stand-alone document for digital distribution.

"The previous deck contained all the important information, but was very neutral and factual, and an ordinary PowerPoint presentation packed with bullet points and little emotional text," explains Hannes Sigrist-Thompson, executive creative director at FS Parker. "As is our aspiration, we challenged the existing structure and then reorganized the content to be able to tell a story. As a result, the presentation has a clear message and helps the recipient absorb the key points. In addition, we added color-based chapter organization and new icons that simplify comprehension."

Pro Juventute Pro Juventute Pro Juventute Pro Juventute

Veresponsible at FS Parker: Hannes Sigrist-Thompson (Executive Creative Director), Michaela Aerne (Project Management and Consulting), Marvin Osenda and Bettina Schlichter (Graphic Design), Mascha Schweizer (Junior Graphic Design).

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