Gölä rocks Wirmachendruck.ch

With the rock musician Gölä, the online print shop WirmachenDruck.ch gets a brand ambassador.

Samuel Voetter (co-founder Wirmachen Druck and musician Gölä (source obs/WIRmachenDRUCK GmbH).

As exclusive brand ambassador, musician Gölä be the face of Wirmachendruck.ch - for example at trade shows, on the website, in social media channels, or at customer events. Customers of WirmachenDruck.ch and fans of the music star can look forward to autograph sessions, special events and many other surprises.

Gölä is one of the most successful musicians in Switzerland. Songs like "Schwan", "Uf u dervo" and "Keini Träne meh" are already local folk songs.

Rock weaver meets printing expert

"Gölä's authenticity as a musician coincides perfectly with our vision. We don't just want to offer a wide variety of high-quality print products, but rather to become the most customer- and service-oriented online print shop in Switzerland. We translate our customers' philosophy into paper and many other products. Their advertising is our craft," explains Johannes Voetter, Managing Director of Wirmachendruck. "We are very pleased to be able to work with such a prominent Swiss rock musician as a brand ambassador and to inspire each other in the future," adds his brother and co-founder, Samuel Voetter.

"Wirmachendruck.ch has grown rapidly from the beginning, and offers plenty of opportunities for development and participation on my part. Being able to be part of the brand development is very exciting," says Gölä.

Gölä and the Voetter brothers see their intersection in the joy of discovery and in the profession of transporting expressive messages to people - be it through dialect pure and simple or through the creation of communication media in printed form.

The Wirmachendruck.ch portal was launched in 2017 and, according to its own announcements, has been very successful in establishing itself on the market. The online print shop is aimed at both private and business customers who are looking for individual, high-quality print products. 



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