The answer stages "CookCouture" for Meta Hiltebrand

TV chef Meta Hiltebrand leaves her restaurant behind and now offers her love of cooking in a private setting. The agency Die Antwort is responsible for the appearance of "CookCouture".

Despite successful business, Meta Hiltebrand has decided to break new ground. The chef is leaving her own restaurant "Le Chef" behind and opening a new cooking studio in Aussersihler Viadukt.

The former youngest female chef in Switzerland offers all her passion and expertise in her cooking studio. At the center is the passion for cooking and the courage to try new things.

New appearance

The new appearance of Meta Hiltebrand comes from the pen of the Zurich agency Die Antwort. The new name "CookCouture" combines cooking with the tone-setting arts and crafts and is inspired by the tailoring art "Haute Couture". The logo is intended to convey a playful and glamorous appearance.

In close cooperation, this also resulted in a Website, which is informative and intuitive in design and reflects the colorful look of Chef de Cuisine. Colorfully illustrated kitchen utensils and ingredients move across the site and bring it to life, while the clear structure ensures ease of use.

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