Jung von Matt Brand Identity gets Faigle on the move

The family-owned company Faigle has worked with Jung von Matt Brand Identity to modernize its positioning, brand architecture as well as the experience with the brand.

FaigleAs a partner for input, output, outsourcing and 3D solutions, Faigle has stood for quality, service and innovation for more than 85 years. Over the years, this has resulted in a diversity of offerings that has made orientation difficult, both internally and externally.

To solve this challenge, the brand experts at Jung von Matt Brand Identity first worked with Faigle to sharpen its positioning: Faigle is a visionary partner that leads companies into the future with customized solutions and the best service. A power brand for the digital world.

For this power, the range of services was bundled, the brand architecture rethought and the number of brands reduced. To give the brand even more impact, the brand design was also modernized and thought more digitally.

Multilayered and lively

The core of the new appearance is the word mark and the key visual. The new word mark conveys the company's accessibility and dynamism with lowercase letters set in Italic. The complexity of the range of services is illustrated by the key visual, which is based on the data flows of a code matrix and is constantly in motion. Together with a pulsating color palette, it becomes a lively design element with high recognition value.

The brand design expresses the brand at all digital and analog touchpoints and is intended to make the sharpened positioning tangible. In addition to the look and feel for the web and social media, design concepts for corporate fashion, vehicle lettering and stationery have also been developed and are currently being implemented.

Responsible at Faigle: Tanja Arnold (Head of Marketing). Responsible at Jung von Matt Brand Identity: Diana Geissel (strategy and project management) Piera Wolf, Loraine Olalia, Christina Widmann (design).

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