At the right altitude with Ecmt and TBS

Ecmt supports organizations and companies in strategic risk and crisis management. TBS provides the new appearance, which brings the complex matter and the diverse range of services in terms of content and form to the point.

With its Seismograph software, Ecmt maps comprehensive information in a risk-based and structured manner. This helps companies reduce complexity and thus make the right decisions. The company works with critical infrastructures such as airlines, energy suppliers or companies in the transport sector as well as organizations at cantonal and federal level. In addition, more and more private-sector companies such as insurance companies are also taking advantage of Ecmt's range of solutions and know-how. With the continuous further development of Seismograph, the communicative appearance is therefore to be strengthened.

The big picture view

With Seismograph, decision-makers move at the right strategic altitude and maintain an overview in all situations. This perspective is to be reflected in the new visual appearance and in the visual language. As an additional formal element, the stylized data points illustrate networked thinking and intelligent solutions.

With its self-confident appearance, Ecmt wants to clearly distinguish itself from its environment and thus create more identification at the same time. The newly designed content is intended to simplify the complex subject matter and bring the core service directly to the point.

In addition to the services, the Site Ecmt's holistic consulting and solution competence and demonstrates the possibilities of its tool in vivid use cases. For this purpose, a sharpened messaging was developed in close cooperation and new content focuses were set.

Effective and efficient

It took about twelve weeks from the briefing to strategy, conception and design to the final website. Analogous to the website, a concise company presentation was also developed.

After the first test runs, Roberto Perot, Chief Operating Officer at Ecmt, is visibly satisfied with the completely renewed appearance: "TBS has created a brand presence for us in the shortest possible time, behind which we can stand 100 percent. In addition to their proven brand expertise and design competence, we were also convinced by their uncomplicated and personal approach."

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