Fresh colors for the Scout24 brands from Sir Mary

Anyone visiting AutoScout24, MotoScout24, ImmoScout24 or FinanceScout24 will be surprised by a new design in fresh colors. The heavily redesigned appearance is intended to underscore the emotional, modern and personal orientation of the Scout24 platforms.

The search platforms AutoScout24, MotoScout24, ImmoScout24 and FinanceScout24, which until last year belonged to Scout24 Schweiz AG and now to SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG (SMG for short), are demonstrating the courage to break new ground with the completely revamped appearance of their brands and portals launched on July 1.

Gilles Despas, CEO of SMG Swiss Marketplace Group, says of the new design: "SMG's primary goal is to simplify people's lives with groundbreaking products. The new look for ImmoScout24, MotoScout24, AutoScout24 and FinanceScout24 will make them even more attractive and clearer for our users, so the new design marks the next important step in our goal achievement."

The former Scout24 platforms already transferred advertising from the analog to the digital world more than twenty years ago and made it possible to go beyond the mere publication of classified ads. With the new design, this pioneering work is now also to be reflected in the brand and portal appearance: brightly colored highlighter stripes are used to recall the moments when searchers discovered interesting ads in the newspaper and highlighted or circled them. Overall, the new design is fresher and more modern, and with its clear contrast between white space - and fresh color accents, it is also clearer than ever. This should make finding cars, motorcycles, apartments, insurance and financing even easier.

Campaign to launch the new color worlds

In order to make it easier for the many users of the four Scout24 platforms to switch to the new color worlds, the introduction of the new design is accompanied by a extensive campaign here.

This is done on all online and offline channels for the guiding principle "Live as you want" as well as dedicated to the individual marketplaces: Car ("Drive what you want"), Motorcycle ("As free as you want"), Real Estate ("Live how you want") and Finance and Insurance ("Insure how you want"). The campaign was created in collaboration with the Sir Mary agency from Zurich.


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