Krieg Schlupp Partner puts logistics units of Die Post in the picture

Krieg Schlupp Partner has developed and accompanied the own appearance of the business units construction logistics and health logistics of Die Post.

For a short time now, Swiss Post has had its own communications presence for its two business units, Construction Logistics and Health Logistics. This is intended to help raise awareness of Swiss Post's services as a logistics partner in the construction and healthcare industries and bears the signature of the advertising agency KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner. The 360-degree appearance was strategically and creatively developed and accompanied by KSP.

The most important benefit for customers is always at the center of the appearance: Thanks to Swiss Post as a logistics partner, they can focus entirely on their core business. Based on this insight, KSP has derived the central promise: "You focus on your construction project (or on your patients), Swiss Post on your logistics. In the awareness area, this is visually underpinned in a memorable way by the key visual "Focus Frame", which also links all the industry presentations. In the consideration area, the appearance is complemented by multi-layered illustrations that present the complex processes in a fresh, entertaining and clear way.

Responsible at Swiss Post: Sandra Gysi (Business Partner Communication for Logistics Services), Jenny Mosbacher (Team Leader Themes & Campaigns): Gülsüm Sunman (Marketing Specialist)
Responsible at KSP: Alba Rau (art direction), Barbara Sarras, Martin Stulz (text), Céline Goldschmid, Stephanie Waldvogel (graphics), Anita Kummer, Uwe Schlupp (creative direction), Aline Herzog (consulting), Manuela Pasanen, Bianca Jäger (DTP), Daniel Krieg (strategy and overall responsibility), Jonathan Heyer (photography), Oculus (illustration).

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