Erdmannpeisker gives Dr. Oetker's baking range a new look

Five years ago, the revision of the packaging design of the entire baking range of Dr. Oetker Switzerland started. All desserts and decorative items were given a contemporary cover. The relaunch has now been completed with the adaptation of the baking ingredients.

Dr. Oetker

Over the last five years, Erdmannpeisker developed the new packaging design for Dr. Oetker Switzerland's baking range and implemented it continuously. The authentic rejuvenation and emotionalization of the brand desired at the time, as well as differentiation from parallel imports, was significantly advanced by the packaging relaunch, because packaging is still the strongest communication channel in FMCG, Erdmannpeisker informs.

The relaunch process started with all desserts and decorative items. Now the heart of the product range, the baking ingredients, has also been adapted. According to Patrizia Mauro, Product Manager Cake & Dessert at Dr. Oetker Switzerland, this step was the logical consequence of the process that had already started, but it still required a great deal of tact: "Baking ingredients are our top-selling segment and we didn't want to take too many risks with the relaunch. While we made some radical changes to other products, we had to exercise restraint with baking ingredients. The goal was to adapt the packaging design without moving too far away from the original design and thus not endangering recognition."

Sybille Erdmann and Gabriel Peisker from Erdmannpeisker also look back on a successful project completion: "When we pointed out the need for a packaging relaunch five years ago, it triggered more reluctance than approval at Dr. Oetker. There was a lot of discussion about corporate guidelines, customer acceptance, and brand positioning. Even we would not have thought it possible at the time that we would end up relaunching the core range, i.e. baking ingredients. That's why we're all the happier now to see the entire range in the new look at the POS."

Dr. Oetker

Responsible at Dr. Oetker Switzerland: Helen Yildirim, Patrizia Mauro (Product Manager Cake/Dessert), Sarah Siegrist (Digital Media Manager). Responsible at Erdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (CD), Sybille Erdmann, Rainer Neusius (consulting), Jenny Ziörjen (AD), Felix Reidenbach (packaging). Prepress: Burki & Scherer Oliver Fischer (Consulting), Sandra Holsten (Publishing). Photography: Stefan Trautmann (Food), Volker Hobl (Foodstyling)

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