Brandpulse accompanies brand development of Trexxflex

The Brandpulse agency accompanied the entire development process of the Trexxflex brand, which was launched in the USA, from product development to branding and market launch.

During the pandemic, the US outdoor market boomed to an unforeseen extent: people sought freedom in nature and bought all kinds of equipment for this purpose. The corresponding e-commerce sales grew by double digits during the pandemic. A group of entrepreneurs noticed that this equipment had one thing in particular in common: it was functional, but often looked boring and of limited aesthetic appeal. This gave rise to the idea of functional outdoor equipment with the design aspirations of urban millennials.

For this target group of "Design Conscious Outdoor Enthusiasts," who use backpacks not only for their newly discovered weekend hikes but also for going to university or to the co-working space, it's not just functional values that count. An international target group survey conducted by Brandpulse on social media in the primary target market of the USA and then in Europe revealed clear preferences with regard to product design and the look and feel of the prototypes presented.


In addition to a clear purpose, the new brand also received a sustainable Brand Promise. For example, a portion of sales will be donated to the institution "1% for the Planet," a global network that addresses the most pressing environmental issues and helps drive positive change for the benefit of future generations.

Brandpulse developed the name Trexxflex, which was trademarked for the USA, the entire EU region, and Switzerland. The agency developed the Trexxflex branding, the website and realized the most important touchpoints such as the international webshop, an image film, a social media campaign and, in cooperation with US specialists, an influencer campaign. The first product, the Trexxflex backpack, is available on the webshop

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