17 creatives and studio Thom Pfister create Bernese florist a floral appearance

With a special concept and 17 creatives, Studio Thom Pfister puts Bernese florist Melanie JeanRichard in the spotlight with customized branding.

Thom PfisterStudio Thom Pfister has not only developed a new appearance for the Bernese florist Melanie JeanRichard, which focuses on a signet - with her initials and the addition of "Mediterranean flowers" - but has already launched another special campaign, to which numerous creatives were invited.

With flowers from Melanie JeanRichard, which the creatives could pick up for inspiration in her flower store, they were invited to design their own motifs. The titles "free staging" and "way of living" of the last years were followed by the theme "encounters" in this one.

All work was incorporated into a wonderful, colorful art magazine celebrating the fantastic Mediterranean floral world of Melanie JeanRichard and her team. Website, postcards, social media, stationery and much more were customized accordingly.

Responsible at MJR: Melanie JeanRichard (Owner). Responsible at Studio Thom Pfister: Thom Pfister (Creative Director, Idre/Concept), Ursula Rytz (Consulting), Roland Zenger (Art Director), Daniel Hackiewicz (Graphic Design & Web Development), Kim Wüthrich, Juli Martinelli (Graphic Design and Illustration). Photography: Angelika Annen, Annette Fischer, Daniel Bolliger, Jonas Kambli, Lea Moser, Martina Meier, Nicole Pfister, Pedro Rodrigues, Sabina Bösch, Tamara Janes, Urs Bigler, Ursula Sprecher. Illustrations: Isabelle Bühler, Juli Martinelli, Marie Wolf, Martina Walther, Niels Blaesi.

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