Pink introduces the new Rivella brand "Eau&Moi

Rosarot gives Switzerland a taste of tap water for "Eau&Moi". The Zurich agency stages the new appearance of the Rivella brand with a lot of storytelling and smart intelligence.

Swiss tap water may be of impeccable quality, inexpensive and healthy - but in the long run it's also a bit boring. With "Eau&Moi," Rivella wants to transform the lackluster tap water into a fruity refreshing drink with natural ingredients. For this purpose, pureed fruits, herbs and spices are packed into small pouches that can be added to the tap water as a natural flavor additive.

Rosarot designed the car launch for the Rivella brand. For this, the brand values, differentiation and relevance of the product innovation were defined in advance in a brand workshop with the client. The result is a website with newly developed usability and a newly defined user interface. With animations and designs inspired by water and fruit, a visit to the website should become a small shopping experience.

The website features smart mechanisms such as a subscription configurator that calculates how much of the daily recommended amount of water can be flavored, and an intelligent shopping cart optimized for cross-selling. The holistic storytelling rounds off the website.

Responsible at Eau&Moi: Ciydem Buchheit (Head of New Business), Floriane Schmid (Junior Manager New Business). Responsible at Rosarot: René Karrer (Creative Direction), Andreas Steiner (Director Content), Labinot Gashi (Director Digital), Isabelle Niemann (Project Management Digital Marketing), Florian Fleischmann (Art Direction), Marcela Narvaez, Stefanie Steimer (Graphic Design).

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