Rosarot spans a triangle of branding, language and usability for Fairway

For the financial company Fairway, Rosarot has created an unusual appearance for this sector, which is intended to generate attention by means of its difference.

The independent positioning of the multi-family office was to be reflected in the entire website. Thus, the agency Rosarot created a new appearance dominated by independence in branding, language and usability.

Branding process as a basis

In a structured branding process, Rosarot supported Fairway in rebranding and creating a new brand. In the process, a completely new image was created, and new brand values with a clear differentiation were created internally.

In line with this, the entire information architecture of the website was redefined by Rosarot and an interaction design was created that is intended to surprise the customer and at the same time take him by the hand. The usability of the scrolling is based on a matrix that gives the overview horizontally and goes into depth vertically.

With otherness to attention

Even the color scheme on the website should convey to the viewer that this is not a classic financial company. The refreshing animations accompany the user and should keep the attention high during the entire visit. The independent branding together with its own language and the intelligent matrix usability result in a whole new world of appearance with which the brand communicates its passion and sophistication.

Responsible at Fairway: Tamara Meili (Project Manager). Responsible at Rosarot: René Karrer (Creative Director), Bianca Berger (Art Direction), Marcela Narvaez (Graphic Design), Jonas Hartmann (Interaction Design), Nadine Ticozzelli (Consulting), Andreas Steiner (Director Content), Natasa Maricic (Senior Text).

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