Havas: New appearance for e-sports team BDS

The e-sports organization "Team BDS" will compete at the LEC League of Legends European Championship. Havas Switzerland has revised the visual appearance of the team and sharpened the positioning.

E-Sports-Team BDSA wide variety of players from a wide variety of countries cavort in the gaming industry - a heterogeneous target group. This includes the BDS fans, the LEC fans or the fans of the individual players. What unites this heterogeneous target group is a passion for gaming. For the positioning of Team BDS, Havas Switzerland worked its way into a complex subject. The agency tried to develop an inspiring story that comes across credibly in the most diverse areas.

Specifically, Team BDS competes in seven games with different worlds and target groups. In order to function in the different contexts - i.e. to find the ideal positioning - Team BDS relied on the help of Havas Sports & Entertainment, whose expertise lies in the gaming and e-sports sector.

The basic idea was to tease out what makes Team BDS different from all the others. Because this was the only way to achieve a unique positioning in a universe in which teams often distinguish themselves with very similar values.

Thus, the DNA of Team BDS was examined and "Team BDS: Challenge The Game" was elaborated. This positioning is supposed to stand for the skillful and attentive strategists who make unconventional decisions.

In terms of design, Team BDS retains the original blue and pink colors. The logo and lettering were modernized. 3D assets, merchandising and communication items, backgrounds and other patterns were developed in a visual world focused on "Challenge" and the character of BDS.

An initial rollout of this signature and the new graphic identity took place via a new brand book. This means that all Team BDS employees based in Geneva and Berlin can already use the new visual identity.

To properly celebrate its entry into the LEC, the new visual identity was officially unveiled at the end of December 2021 on all of the brand's social platforms, as well as on its official website.

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