Mainland for Iconomix: Economy for all

To communicate the SNB Iconomix educational offering even more clearly, Festland implemented a brand refresh and gave the web platform a comprehensive relaunch.

Festland für IconomixOver 1600 teachers who teach economics at upper secondary level actively use the web platform, an educational offering of the Swiss National Bank SNB.

In order to inspire users even more and thus open the next chapter of the success story, Iconomix has developed a new brand strategy together with Festland, which is consistently "user first".

First, focus interviews and an online survey were conducted to draw an up-to-date picture of all stakeholders and their expectations. Desk research on competitors also supplemented the picture.

The strategy workshop then profiled the personas and defined the brand values. It was determined that the latter harmonize with the SNB values, but are focused on the education market.

Using Blue Ocean methodology, differentiating core messages aligned with the personas were developed and condensed into the Brand Purpose "Economy for All."

Comprehensive brand refresh

With the aim of making the brand strategy tangible to the outside world, the next step was to refresh the brand identity. Both the purpose, which became the new claim, and the values and core messages were seamlessly integrated into the communication. A new formal trademark was created with the circular shape derived from the logo.

A key measure in the strategy process proved to be a comprehensive relaunch of the Web platform. To improve the user experience, the information architecture and UX design were redesigned and content and functions were optimized. Highlights include the interactive module finder, extended functions for registered teachers and an expanded news section. The technical design and implementation was done by CS2, the web partner of Iconomix.

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