Pink brings Freezack on zack

For the dog and cat brand "Freezack" there was a fresh-up from Rosarot, which should not only provide a lot of wow and meow for cats and dogs, but also for the customer.

Rosarot Freezack

Freezack is a private label of BusinessCom, which distributes over 14,500 items in the pet sector. To transform the brand, which is well-known among pet lovers, into a new era, Rosarot was commissioned to refresh Freezack and position it conspicuously in the pet world.

The agency has developed a complete brand guide as a self-service tool that Freezack brand managers can use to implement all advertising measures efficiently and cost-consciously.

From brand analysis to the brand tool

Based on a fundamental brand analysis, Rosarot developed Freezack's new brand identity - with brand attributes, brand benefits, brand tonality and brand image.

The Zurich agency also defined the new positioning and built the entire visibility of the brand on it. With the Brand Guide, which included everything from color scheme, typography, logo and design elements to templates for packaging and ads, Businesscom received a self-service tool with which the company can implement all marketing instruments itself in a cost-conscious manner and build up the brand efficiently.

Responsible at BusinessCom/Freezack: Dan Schaefler (Head Marketing), Sabrina Wüger, Thomas Rudin (Graphics). Responsible at Rosarot: René Karrer (Creative Director), Bianca Berger, Florian Fleischmann (Art Direction), Caroline Etter (Consulting).

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