Made Identity: Fenaco brand presence digitally transformed

The Swiss agricultural cooperative continues to develop its brand. The redesign took place in collaboration with the Zurich agency Made Identity.

From crop planning and the use of drones for pest control to smart farming using AI - the potential of data-driven agronomy is diverse and is being increasingly tapped. The Fenaco agricultural cooperative wants to be a central driving force for Swiss agriculture. Fenaco's brand identity is intended to do justice to this creative role while at the same time preserving the anchored cooperative values.

The new appearance positions Fenaco as a strong sender for producing agriculture, beyond the classic agricultural idyll. The image and illustration world creates new thematic focuses along the claim "de la terre à la table". At the same time, Fenaco should be able to present itself optimally at digital touchpoints with a responsive design system and make itself visible as a sender.

The further development of the brand was realized in cooperation with the Made Identity agency from Zurich. In a brand audit, the fundamental needs for the revision were identified. In addition, the brand architecture with many sub-brands was revised and consolidated. The brand identity developed on this basis will be rolled out successively throughout Switzerland over the next few months.

Responsible at Fenaco: Silja Stofer (Head of Corporate Communications), Rainer Paberzis (Head of Graphics and Layout). Responsible at Made Identity: Georg Gadient (Strategy), Ivana Jankovic (Consulting), Alexander Weis (Creative Direction), Zoe Heeb (Design).

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