Valencia: A brilliant finish for the Märthof

The Hotel Märthof in Basel opened its doors at the end of July 2021. Valencia is responsible for the interior signage of the new boutique hotel of the BâleHotels Group as well as numerous communication measures that accompany guests before and during their stay.


The historic building of the new 4-star Hotel Märthof was renovated under the direction of Burckhardt+Partner Architekten and transformed with great finesse into an urban hotspot for lifestyle, enjoyment and savoir-vivre.

Valencia accompanies the Hotel Märthof with creative power: In close cooperation with clients, interior designers and customers, a concept for the interior signage of the entire building was developed, texts for the website and all booking platforms were created and a print material package with business cards, room cards, factsheets and much more was created.

For the signaling, the agency created a pictogram style that is based on the round form language of the architecture and, in line with the overall design, is influenced by the New Baroque, New Building, and 1980s styles. Brass as a prominently used design element is intended to run through the building like a common thread: Parts of the entrances, bar and reception were made of the shiny alloy, as were stair railings, lighting, door frames on the roof and, finally, the signaling.

A few weeks after the opening, Valencia also directed extensive photo and video shoots in and around the hotel. Shots were taken with and without models on the themes of lifestyle, interior design, wellness, culinary and image. The team took on two challenges: Firstly, they shot under real hotel conditions during ongoing operations, and secondly, photo and film productions including drone shots took place simultaneously.

The footage will be used on the website, social media and in future promotional materials.

Responsible at BâleHotels: Martin von Bertrab (Managing Director), Nicolas Rimelin (Director of Revenue Management, Sales & Marketing), Markus Schwarz (Head of Coop Real Estate), Álvaro Ferrandis (Hotel Manager), Florence Kohnle (Front Office Manager) Reception staff, room staff (shooting). Responsible at Burkhardt+Partner: Marco Husmann, Tobias Berthold Baur, Sabine Beer. Responsible at Valencia Communication: Tommy Schilling (Chief Creative Officer), Madeleine Knörzer (Art Director), Paula Estepa Garcia (Graphic Designer), Julia Bommersheim (Junior Copywriter), Yves Bucher (Project Manager Polygraphy), Quentin Müller (Polygraph), Joëlle Puglisi (Polygrapher), Mirjam Müller (Consultant), Chantal Bachmann (Junior Consultant). Responsible at Markus Edgar Ruf: Markus Edgar Ruf (Conceptual Photography & Design), Sergej Federov (Photo Assistance) Raphael Baumann (Cameraman) Janne Kern (Film Assistance). Responsible at Aviaticfilms: Pablo Grendelmeier (Managing Director), Martin Drescher (DOP), Robin Walker (Film Production). Responsible at Xsicht Booking: Diana Fischer (make-up artist).

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