Martin Et Karczinski restages the CSS brand

The health insurance company CSS positions itself as a health partner for its customers. The revised brand identity with a new logo - developed by Martin et Karczinski - is intended to express this. The aim is to emphasize the innovative character of CSS, which claims to play a formative role in shaping the Swiss healthcare system.

"Partnership" is the central idea behind the new CSS logo, which replaces the cyan crystal sign that had been in use for 35 years. "The letters become shapes that organically combine to form a strong, innovative symbol of working together. The logo symbolizes departure, modernity and movement," explains Marco Imboden, Head of Corporate Communications at CSS.

CSS is a pure word mark and not an acronym. The form is simple and self-evident - as a sensually tangible expression of the inner values of a partnership, as promised and lived by the CSS brand.

In addition to the logo, the idea of partnership is also to be conveyed via the CSS-typical image and text tiles. These two elements are in constant dialog, connected via the friendly blue corporate color, and are intended to make the overall appearance fresh and approachable. In addition, the house font was refined, the color palette was expanded, and all brand touchpoints were geared towards a positive customer relationship.

"It is remarkable that CSS has the courage to show its innovative attitude also with its new logo - with a lot of positive energy," says Daniel Zehntner, CEO of Martin et Karczinski Zurich. "The requirements for scalability, functionality and flexibility in an increasingly digital world are also excellently met."

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