Scholtysik realizes new appearance for ADB

The Zurich tax firm ADB wants to underline its top position in the industry with an uncompromisingly clear and reduced appearance. Scholtysik developed the rebranding from the brand structure to the website.

Scholtysik realisiert

Digitization is causing change in almost all industries. Legal services must adapt to their clients or even stay one step ahead of them. In design, this ensures a move away from conservative traditionalism towards contemporary aesthetics. Scholtysik helps ADB take this step confidently. The new appearance avoids zeitgeisty capers and expresses the essence of the firm in a pointed way.

Exclusivity through understatement

Three factors make up the ADB design: digitally driven, simple design, the consistent renunciation of bright colors and decorative elements, and the puristic image concept "light into darkness". The imagery was realized with the well-known Swiss photographer Samuel Schalch.

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