Teil.ch realizes brand presence for the "Migros Ski Day

Since the 2021 season, the "Famigros Ski Day" is launching under the new name "Migros Ski Day". Teil.ch developed the entire brand identity for the family ski day.

The new look of Skitag is a mix of illustrative winter landscapes, organic shapes and figures in comic style, combined with cropped photographs. It is also characterized by the reduced color spectrum, which is intended to create clarity and recognition.

The agency conceived and designed the entire trilingual communication presence - from the logo to the color scheme and illustrations to the UI/UX design of the website. In addition, all printed materials, the promotional products, the signaling and the animations for the racing videos were developed.

Anyone who still wants to register for one of the Migros Ski Days has to hurry. After a successful campaign launch, eleven of the 18 events are already fully booked as of Monday. Around 13,900 people have now registered, which corresponds to 85 percent of the available places. The first fun race will take place on December 18 on the Flumserberg.

Responsible at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives: Caesar Keller (Project Manager Sponsoring & Events). Responsible at Swiss-Ski: Sabrina Näf (Project Manager Migros Ski Day). Responsible at Teil.ch: Alain Zeiter (concept/consulting), Martin Zeiter (creative direction), Tina Eggimann (creation); Netnode (technical implementation website).

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