Sofie realizes brand identity and CD for Athletes Network

The Athletes Network supports and connects athletes with the business world - for the career after their career. The Zurich agency Sofies Kommunikationsdesign has sharpened the network's image.

Athletes Network

The Athletes Network is the first network in Switzerland that unites all sports. The team with the founders Beni Huggel, Dave Heiniger, Severin Blindenbacher and Niels Hintermann has been up and running for a year. In the meantime, over 700 athletes and more than 60 partner companies are part of this network.

The integrated Aktiengesellschaft Athletes Academy is designed to help athletes gain a foothold in the business world and develop personally in order to shape their post-sport careers successfully. Specifically, individual counseling and workshops are offered, as well as internships and jobs with the partner companies.

In a multi-stage branding and design process, the components of the brand were gradually developed and made visible. The inspiration and added value of the brand is the athlete's mindset. A generally understandable and functional appearance in black and white is to carry the brand outward with clear messages and wordings such as "get up", "time out", "kick off", "be strong", "come back" and "let's go". Simple scribbles should underline the direct and simple tonality and lead to a strong appearance.

Responsible at Athletes Network: Beni Huggel, Dave Heiniger, Fabio Meister, Julia Philipona, Niels Hintermann, Pascal Thrier, Rahel Kiwic, Sarah Elsinger, Severin Blindenbacher. Responsible at Sofies Kommunikationsdesign: Roger Steck, Kevin Casado, Enzo Moser, Stefan Wolf.


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