CSX is the most recognized digital banking brand in Switzerland after one year

One year after the launch of CSX, every second person in Switzerland is familiar with the brand. Activity levels, products and services used, and assets held also show that Credit Suisse is successfully reaching the target group of digitally affine clients.


In October 2020, Credit Suisse launched CSX, its digital banking offering, in response to changing client needs and a market environment in which "mobile-first" solutions are becoming established at an increasingly rapid pace. CSX is said to combine the simplicity and flexibility of neo-banks with the expertise and service offering of a major bank. One year after its launch, CSX is considered the best-known Swiss brand for digital banking in Switzerland: Every second person knows the name, as shown by the Neo-Bank Study and the HSG Swiss Payment Monitor.

Rapid growth, lively use

Since launching CSX just over a year ago, the bank has seen a tripling of downloads of its online banking app and a doubling of account openings in Switzerland. For Credit Suisse, the level of activity among clients is confirmation that CSX is reaching the digitally affine, younger target group very well: Half of the now more than 100,000 CSX clients are younger than 34.

Customer feedback central

The CSX Offering was designed from the outset with customer needs in mind. These needs would continue to be consistently involved in product development. Thus, since October 2020, the digital offering has been continuously expanded with new services, functionalities and strategic partnerships, which should additionally increase the attractiveness of CSX and lead to a unique positioning in the market.

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