Solid Identities realizes new website for VBV

The Zurich-based agency Solid Identities worked with the insurance industry's vocational training association VBV to sharpen its brand positioning both internally and externally and translate it into a new visual brand identity.

Solid Identities

If professional success is the goal, education is the central basis and the personal path. With this conviction, VBV has been committed for over 40 years and on behalf of the entire insurance industry to inter-company attractive, practically relevant and sustainable vocational training in the insurance sector. But what does this mean internally and externally in a time in which both the insurance and the education world are constantly changing, becoming increasingly digital, individualistic and multi-layered?

Guided by this question, VBV used Solid Identities to scrutinize and sharpen its self-image and transform it into an everyday, target group- and value-based brand positioning for the future.

Diamond visualizes the values of VBV

A core element of this positioning is the VBV value diamond, which is to inspire and guide all thinking and actions of VBV in the future. It is based on the four core values "Trust", "Impact", "Enthusiasm" and "Innovation" and aims at ensuring the consistent benefit focus of VBV's service providers towards the industry and the trainees.

Logo with a learning journey line

In the visual translation of the positioning, the guiding idea of education as an individual path to professional success accompanied by VBV was incorporated. This is done in the form of the learning journey line, which is captured in the opening and closing characters of the logo. 

The playfully light but at the same time matter-of-factly reduced use of this line element in illustration style is intended to give VBV's appearance the balance of trust-building seriousness and personal closeness that fits its positioning. This impression is also supported by the pictogram style developed for VBV as well as the new corporate typeface originating from the Bernese type design studio Luzi Type.

For visual continuity in the VBV appearance, the blue basic color scheme with strongly contrasting accent colors of the previous appearance was retained. However, the individual color values were fundamentally revised for a more modern, friendly overall impression and better usability in everyday life and optimized with regard to the targeted digital and physical areas of use.

Responsible at VBV: Jürg Zellweger (Director), Jrene Marchetti (Head of Communications & Marketing). Responsible at Solid Identities: Elmar Müller (Strategy Direction), Andy Lang (Design Direction), Levin Bissig (Brand & Motion Design), Michèle Imhof (Brand Design). Website: Snowflake Productions.

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