"Together into the future": MetaDesign implements brand refresh for Raiffeisen

Bank Raiffeisen has revamped its brand, presenting a clearer and more consistent image. The new appearance, implemented by MetaDesign, is being introduced smoothly in a rolling process.

The number of communication channels is increasing, technology is evolving, and with it customer behavior. Raiffeisen's brand identity, which had not undergone a revision since 2006, could no longer sufficiently reflect these changes. Raiffeisen therefore decided to implement a brand refresh. The result is a brand that is clearer, more consistent and more unique across all touchpoints.

Clear positioning

Together with MetaDesign, which has been working with Switzerland's third-largest bank since 2006, Raiffeisen subjected the brand to an in-depth analysis. After an initial preliminary project, the brand identity was finally comprehensively developed.

A special focus was placed on strengthening the Raiffeisen brand through clear, differentiating positioning and the creation of a modern, fresh appearance. Furthermore, the development of a consistent brand and customer experience across all touchpoints and channels was planned and the foundations for stringent brand management were laid.

Old logo remains

The Raiffeisen logo has been in use since 2006 and has become firmly anchored in the minds of consumers over the past 15 years. In order to further strengthen awareness, the logo will therefore remain unchanged after the brand refresh. The most important element in the new appearance will be the corporate color red, which will be given a more prominent role in all implementations. This is intended to strengthen recognition and also to distinguish the brand more clearly from its competitors. The extended colors and imagery have also been redefined, so that in future all brand elements will support the impact of the Raiffeisen brand.

Resource-saving conversion

The new CI/CD guidelines are being introduced in a rolling process. Future Raiffeisen advertising materials and campaigns will be implemented in accordance with the new guidelines with immediate effect. Existing ones will be revised where appropriate. The Raiffeisen website will be gradually transferred to the new design as part of the digitization strategy as a customer experience portal.

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