Noord: New appearance for the Berner Dampfzentrale

Everywhere in Bern currently hang the new posters for the international dance festival "Tanz in Bern" of the Berner Dampfzentrale. After a long break, the festivals are now allowed to shine again and also present themselves in a new dress - implemented by Noord.

For more than a year, Noord has been involved in the brand positioning of the Berner Dampfzentrale and is responsible for the redesign of the entire communication. The brand was sharpened and the communication simplified and unified across all divisions.

In addition to numerous event posters, the new posters for the international dance festival "Tanz in Bern" are currently up, and soon those for the music festival "Saint Ghetto" will be as well. In addition to the posters, clips for digital media were also produced.

Dampfzentrale wants to put the artists in the foreground. The focus of transmedia communication is on stories and themes that bring the audience closer to the artists and their way of seeing and working. This idea was also taken up in the design, whereby the text level for the communication of classic event posters is included: On posters, program booklets, as well as online, tags convey striking keywords that are intended to arouse the curiosity of viewers on a content level.

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