Plan.Net Suisse redesigns Bucher Industries website

The machinery manufacturer Bucher Industries presents itself with a new website since December 2020. Plan.Net Suisse is responsible for the implementation.

The agency from the Haus der Kommunikation was commissioned by Bucher Industries to partially develop and fully technically implement the rebranding of their website. The result is the visible and versatile expression of intelligent user guidance and clear visual structures. In an increasingly complex environment, the new website connects the five business divisions of the globally active Swiss group of companies as well as their stakeholders in an appealing way.

The intuitive navigation between topics, the quick identification of complex content, but also the explorative experience of the brand takes place through a clear and reduced user interface. The visual language, the reduced typography and the symbolism should reflect the company's claim to quality.

Technically, the new Bucher Industries website is based on TYPO3. Solr Search ensures fast results, clearly divided into three search result groups; all results for a topic are thus available at a glance. Using the workflow add-in "in2publish", Plan.Net Suisse has already created the possibility for Bucher Industries to centrally and securely enter, check and publish content on the previous website.

Responsible at Bucher Industries: Silvia Oppliger (Head of Group Communications), Prisca Wolfensberger (Communications Manager). Responsible at Plan.Net Suisse: Micha Seger (Creative Director), Thomas Imhof, Laura Seifert (Project Management), Tibor Schläpfer (Art Direction), Kurt Schellenberg (System Integration).

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