Camille Bloch was the victim of a Chinese brand pirate

Ragusa manufacturer Camille Bloch had to fight for its best-known brand in China. According to the Handelszeitung, a brand pirate had the chocolate bar protected in his name.

Chocolate brand Camille Bloch fell victim to a brand pirate from China. (Symbol image: Unsplash)

The Swiss company took legal action to get the rights backheisses. "Fortunately, we have a good trademark lawyer who advised us," says Camille Bloch patron Daniel Bloch in an interview with the Handelszeitung. For the moment, however, Camille Bloch is not active in China. "The right moment has not yet come," says the entrepreneur.

Since 2020, Camille Bloch has been selling nuts covered in chocolate under the brand name "So Nuts". The campaign for this was delivered by Serviceplan Suisse ( reported). According to Daniel Bloch, the new brand has the potential to become the third mainstay alongside the well-known Ragusa and Torino chocolate bars. Switzerland's fourth-largest manufacturer of branded chocolate lost 10 percent of its sales last year. This year, Camille Bloch recovered some of the lost sales. The company has a 5 percent market share in Switzerland. "We are successful on the road," Bloch told the Handelszeitung.

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