Stämpfli with new market presence

The Stämpfli Group is celebrating its anniversary and, as part of this, is giving itself a new corporate identity: Stämpfli AG is now called Stämpfli Kommunikation. The sharpened umbrella brand is intended to communicate the communications company's comprehensive offering more strongly to the outside world. The change is visually underlined with a new logo, new website, new imagery and new communication tools such as the image brochure.

The Bernese company has been in the hands of the Stämpfli family for 222 years. Founded 422 years ago, it is one of the ten oldest in Switzerland and is currently run by the sixth generation.

Interdisciplinary teams reinvent themselves

Stämpfli Kommunikation supports companies from the development of their brand identity to the marketing and distribution of analogue and digital publications. As a result, the specialists for all aspects of corporate communications are found right in-house: brand strategists for the concept, designers for the visual design, specialists for web design or the team of photographers for the new world of images. "It is precisely these interdisciplinary teams that set us apart. A complete package that makes the revised umbrella brand more visible," says Karin Ingold, Head of Specialist Media and member of the Executive Board.

New brand and market presence

With an umbrella brand strategy, Stämpfli Verlag and Stämpfli AG will have a new image in the anniversary year 2021. Stämpfli AG will legally remain a public limited company, but will now operate under the Stämpfli Kommunikation brand. The aim is to communicate the broad range of services offered by the Berne-based communications company more strongly to the outside world.

The brand profile sharpening is given a face with the revised logo: the word mark "Stämpfli" has now been transformed into an "S". This is suitable for digital use and can be supplemented with the lettering Stämpfli Kommunikation or Stämpfli Verlag, depending on the corporate division. The revised brand identity has given rise to numerous communication tools, such as the completely new Website and the image brochure, which clarifies the corporate culture.

Communication - person to person

The claim "Communication - person to person" remains unchanged and is embodied more strongly visually, for example with a more personal, characteristic imagery. The guiding principle runs through the entire brand - including the new image brochure. It is also intended to reflect the working method, which, based on the approach of design thinking, places people at the centre. "Both specialist knowledge and emotions are conveyed from person to person," emphasises Rahel Grünig, Creative Director and Deputy Head of Communications at Stämpfli.

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