Farner Branding turns ISS Kanal Services into the ITS brand

Following the sale of ISS Kanal Services, the brand now operates as ITS Kanal Services. Farner Branding developed the positioning and brand design of the new brand.

The company vehicles of ITS in a new look. (Image: Farner)

As ISS pushes its strategic focus on the core area of integrated facility services, the decision was made to sell the ISS Kanal Services business. The new owner "Klar Partners" has many years of experience in building up national and European market leaders in the service sector and intends to contribute this in the future to support the company on its organic growth path.

The company is now presenting its services under the new brand ITS Kanal Services AG. ITS stands for International Tube Services, which is intended to signal the company's comprehensive expertise in the maintenance and rehabilitation of sewer and pipeline networks. The name is also intended to express the vision of the company's development, which it is also striving to achieve outside Switzerland.

The new logo developed by Farner Branding pays tribute to the solid quality of services and the clout of the ITS brand in the market. The solid bar of the "T" gives the logo great originality and symbolizes the ground under which much of ITS' work is done. The modern and fresh blue tone stands for trust and technology.
The corporate identity is being implemented step by step throughout the company. Farner Branding developed the standards for the global implementation of the brand.

Responsible at ITS: Roland Brühlmann (Head Business Unit). Responsible at Farner Branding: Markus Gut (overall responsibility), Fabian Bertschinger (creative director), Noah Açil (brand designer), Fabian Sigg (brand designer), Susanne Bader (project management).

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