Branders modernizes the Migros Restaurant and Take-Away brands

Migros Restaurant and Migros Take-Away get a new look. Branders has modernized all design elements of the appearance of the two brands and created a completely new corporate design landscape for them.

According to Branders, the websites of the Migros Restaurant and Migros Take-Away were clearly getting on in years. Linguistically and visually, they no longer met the requirements of a modern cooperative. For these reasons, Branders dusted off the two corresponding logos and completely overhauled the design landscapes of the brands.

In the logos, the Migros primary colours were supplemented with "Migros Restaurant Warm Grey". In addition, split-screen formats and illustrations with a stamp look were developed, and the use of typography was sharpened. This is intended to take into account the diversity of the target groups as well as their different customer needs, without ever risking losing the reference to the umbrella brand. The implementation of these design adjustments at all relevant touchpoints is to take place successively.

Implementation by means of toolbox

In order to ensure a smooth, sleek adoption and a clean installation of the new design and communication elements by all Migros cooperatives, the agency has developed an easy-to-use toolbox. This is based on the communicative central idea and contains templates for advertising material as well as rules for the use of the logo or the handling of the signage. However, it also contains concrete design suggestions, for example for packaging or in dealing with menus.

Responsible at Migros: Sabine Ruchty (Head of Strategy Department Migros Cooperative Federation), Aurelia Schlatter (Project Manager Packaging Design Migros Cooperative Federation), Ariane Nicoletti (Team Leader Communication Gastro Cooperative Migros Zurich), Isabel Nahmias (Head MarKom Gastronomy Cooperative Migros Aare), Silvio Arnold (Head MarKom Specialty Markets/Gastronomy/Club School/Leisure), Florian Braun (Marketing Consultant Gastronomy at Migros Cooperative Eastern Switzerland), Eaven Stoller (Head Purchasing & PM & Marketing Migros Cooperative Lucerne), Céline Gut (Project Manager Advertising/Online Migros Cooperative Lucerne), Christian Küng (Photographer Migros Cooperative Federation), Vanessa Alderuccio (Project Manager Communication Migros Cooperative Federation), Elisabeth Jakob (Photo Editor Migusto Migros Cooperative Federation); Food styling: Claudia Stalder (recipes and food styling). Responsible at Branders: René Allemann (Creative Director & CEO), Marisa Güntlisberger (Director Omnichannel Experience), Sarah Egger (Brand Consultant), Palma Manco (Senior Brand Designer), Micha Kumpf (Senior Brand Designer), Sarah Trendle (Executive Brand Designer), Katja Wölfel (Senior Copywriter), Oliver Schmuki (Senior Editor).

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