Sofie creates naming and brand design for SG Value Partners

The Zurich agency Sofies Kommunikationsdesign supports the company SG Value Partners, founded in 2020, in the evaluation of the naming, the development of a communicative strategy as well as the visual appearance.

SG Value Partners is an independent asset manager specialising in deep value equity investments. The investment team is led by Sven Sommer and Gregor Trachsel. This is the origin of the initials "SG" in the company name, which stand for the first names of the two long-time companions.

The SG Value Partners team does not consist of financial engineers, but of investors with a lot of experience and a long-term service and partnership with clients. This should be noticeable in the brand DNA and communicated externally.

Sofies Kommunikationsdesign has now developed the appropriate brand strategy for this. The visual appearance should convey a stable and noticeably valuable basic attitude, but also the search for the other, the certain something. The logo is to be restrained and convincing - in its composition of initials - as a trustworthy anchor. The diversely developed brand design is stringently carried through in the communication.

With the foundation of the brand, naming, brand design, business stationery, website, newsletter, image & service brochures as well as various mailings and give-aways were implemented in a first phase.

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