Schneiterpartner develops new brand identity for Jacquemoud

The Geneva law firm Jacquemoud Stanislas has welcomed an additional partner in 2021. In the context of this change, Schneiterpartner was asked to redevelop and sharpen the brand identity.

By means of individual discussions and roundtables, the foundations for the development of the new brand identity were worked out in a short time together with Jacquemoud Stanislas and the local sparring partner Apropos. On this basis, Schneiterpartner developed a simple, precise brand strategy, which is now always consulted as a guideline and clock generator for the corporate design and all other entrepreneurial actions.

The brand promise "Relevant Friendship" is intended to capture the character, essence and personal approach of the law firm. The brand promise is also stylistically transferred into the logo and thus also appears subtly and precisely in all design applications, from the color to the imagery.

The range of implementations based on this extends from correspondence to various legal working instruments, documentation and newsletters, right through to the new website. In the online media, the smiley - built over the first letters of the two founders - is animated. The slight playfulness of the brand addition, combined with the strictly formal word mark, is intended on the one hand to reflect an unmistakable, characteristic profile, and on the other hand to bring a simpler and more informal approach to the sometimes very formal legal landscape.

Further communicative measures and content are currently being developed and published in partnership after the go-live in spring 2021.

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