Pink shows for Pacovis great barbecue pleasure in small bags

Pacovis has launched BBQ sauces in the Swiss market, which are available in handy 40g portion bags. Rosarot designed the packaging for the new creation and was also responsible for the naming of the five flavors.

RosarotThe 86-year-old and internationally active company Pacovis is normally active in the B2B sector. But now, for once, also in the B2C sector: With five different BBQ sauces, which can be used flexibly thanks to the practical 40-gram individual portions and are thus also intended to reduce food waste, Pacovis is directly addressing the target group at the smoking barbecue.

Rock'n Roll for Grill'n Dip

To ensure that not only the five different sauces but also the packaging look good to bite into, Rosarot was commissioned with the design. The designers set the scene for the small portion pouches with concise vintage letters, a taste-coordinated color concept and detailed food illustrations.

"You are so sweet, honey!"

To provide entertainment while the food sizzled, Rosarot added his mustard to each flavor mixture: Cheeky, self-confident sayings are intended to make the sauces really spicy on the outside. With "Don't worry, eat curry," the true "Licence to Grill" and other creations, Rosarot wants to provide the right spice in the packaging design. The single-serve sticks are available in some butcher shops as well as in individual take-aways.

Responsible at Pacovis: Rebecca Hauser (Head of Marketing & Communications), Alex Frank (Product Manager). Responsible at Rosarot: René Karrer (Creative Direction), Andreas Steiner (Director Content), Sarah Därendinger (Art Direction).

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