Wirz Brand Relations modernises and digitalises Careum's website

Wirz Brand Relations has comprehensively revised the brand identity of the Careum education centre. The modernized appearance can be experienced, among other things, on the recently launched group website Careum.ch.

As the basis for the new overall image, Careum and Wirz Brand Relations developed the group-wide communication strategy in a joint process. The perception of Careum with its various institutions and offerings as a cohesive group and the increased digital presence of the brand are two core concerns that have been incorporated into the corresponding branding work.

Modular, flexible branding system

Wirz Brand Relations focused the brand development on the lively diversity of the Careum Group and its very different target groups. The result is a modular solution that can be used flexibly and independently of channels, but was consistently developed from a digital perspective.

The strikingly designed word mark, the versatile colour palette, the modern typography and the modular layout system are characteristic of the new appearance. The individual Careum institutions can use and weight the brand elements differently depending on their communicative needs.

This should enable a varied design and at the same time create a consistent overall impression. The communication thus appears individual and lively, but the brand is still quickly and clearly recognized by the target groups.

New joint website

The recently launched website represents an important milestone for the new brand presence. Careum.ch is the new Careum Group. It brings the Careum Group an important, perceptible step closer together. For the first time, the new website offers a simple, user-friendly overview of the entire Careum Group and its wide range of services, as well as a shared news and blog section.

With the redevelopment of the group website, various web presences that had previously been managed independently were integrated and transferred into a common presence. In a consistently user-centric process, Wirz Brand Relations supported Careum in the development of the content and structure and developed the new web design. The current website will be expanded in the coming months through the integration of additional websites.

In addition, the Zurich branding agency designed and implemented various other applications, such as the annual report or the new image and moving image world.

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