Maybaum philosophizes about the "up and down" for Gilgen

In the corporate film for Gilgen Door Systems, Maybaum visualizes the precision and passion behind a seemingly simple principle.

MaybaumOpen and close - a simple matter. You might think. But Gilgen's sliding, hinged and pivot doors are packed with technical expertise, adaptable design and high-quality materials that ensure long-term smooth operation.

Gilgen Door Systems from Schwarzenburg has entrusted Maybaum Film with the task of bringing their work to life in a corporate film. Without a look into the company's rear view mirror, but with international reference works.

Maybaum illuminates the essence of the door from a philosophical perspective and, in the film, lets the engineer ponder the multitude of considerations and hours of work that go behind a flawlessly functioning door. His thoughts accompany the developers and assemblers, illuminating mechanisms and materialization, looking at design and use under extreme conditions. In the high-contrast and color-reduced corporate film, reflections and unusual lighting situations are intended to create suspense.

Since no international projects could be filmed by Gilgen due to Corona travel restrictions, Maybaum accompanied the engineer as well as the production and assembly staff in Switzerland. The new detail, documentary and drone footage was supplemented with existing footage from projects abroad. Set to music in five different languages, the corporate film gives the whole world personal access to Gilgen Door Systems.

Responsible at Maybaum Film: Michel Frutig, Laurent Ulrich (concept and screenplay); Laurent Ulrich (direction and drone); Nikolas Reigel (camera and editing).

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