Jung von Matt Brand Identity and Jung von Matt Tech: Collective Intelligence for Kaleido Privatbank

Jung von Matt Brand Identity and Jung von Matt Tech have jointly designed the new website of Kaleido Privatbank. While Jung von Matt Brand Identity was responsible for the strategic positioning, naming and corporate design, Jung von Matt Tech implemented the online presence of the renowned private bank.

Kaleido Privatbank - formerly AP Anlage & Privatbank - is a boutique bank based in Zurich, serving private and institutional clients. Kaleido uses the collective intelligence of its partners and network to achieve the optimal profit for all parties involved. The Jung von Matt agencies Brand Identity and Tech developed the new appearance of the bank in close cooperation.

High quality and clear

The brand identity developed by Jung von Matt Brand Identity is intended to reflect the sharpened brand profile of Kaleido Privatbank: Integer, forward-thinking, smart, personal and holistic. Furthermore, the process of finding a name was supervised. The goal was to set a clear signal of departure with the new brand name Kaleido as well as to reinforce the idea of collective intelligence.

Collectively intelligent and intuitive experience

The new technology developed by Jung von Matt Tech Website makes the brand presence of the private bank tangible in the digital space. The use of collective network intelligence is visualized by swarm images; micro-interactions with buttons, images and links stand for the future-oriented focus of the bank.

Inclusive and contemporary

For the linguistic appearance and the texts of the website, the teams also worked with Jung von Matt Limmat. The bank works with the gender colon, the texts are short and reduced to the essentials. They are intended to signal openness as well as closeness - and are thus in harmony with the positioning, the brand presence and the website experience.

Responsible at Kaleido Private Bank: Rolf Bauer (CEO), Gian Nay (COO), Tobias Uthe (Project Management). Responsible at Jung von Matt Brand Identity: Christina Widmann (Creative Director), Roman Imhof (Design), Nadja Völker-Albert (Strategy), Diana Geissel (Strategy and Project Management). Responsible at Jung von Matt Tech: Manuela Tappe (Art Direction), Samuel Hauser (Development), Nattha Kamso (Development), Michael Hümbeli (Project Management), Andrin Gorgi (Project Management), Stefan Bruggmann (Managing Director), Michelle Danilschenko (Managing Director). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Philipp Klink (text), Valérie Gantenbein (project management).

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