Solid Identities: A more adult illustration style for BKW

The Zurich agency Solid Identities has further developed the illustration style for the energy group BKW.

Architecture and infrastructure are shown in central perspective. (Illustration: Michael Stünzi, Daniel Röttele)

Due to a change of direction in the brand strategy, BKW's old illustration style seemed too playful and childish. The new core values of "entrepreneurial", "partnership-based" and "forward-looking" were to be made tangible and the implementation more grown-up in order to meet the demands of the B2B market in particular.

Cross-sections provide insights into hidden processes. (Illustration: Lucy Kägi)

Adaptation to brand strategy

Through research into possible illustration styles, it quickly became clear to those involved that the form of representation needed to become more naturalistic in order to achieve the desired effect. By breaking down the research, a style-building mood board was created, which at the same time served as an aid in the search for possible illustrators and as a briefing for the style.

In close collaboration with the illustrators Michael Stünzi and Daniel Röttele from and BKW, the new illustration style was developed. Based on four test motifs, the categories and style-forming elements were defined and then documented in the digital brand portal. In order to ensure the desired quality and necessary capacity for further motifs, a selected pool of illustrators was defined, which BKW can draw on in the future.

The application of the illustration style was documented in detail in the BKW brand portal.
Larger interrelationships are represented by means of modularly combinable, isometric illustrations. (Illustration: Michael Stünzi, Daniel Röttele)

Responsible at BKW: Stephan Oberholzer (Head Corporate Brand Leadership), Roger Sommerhalder (Senior Corporate Brand Manager).Responsible at Solid Identities: Andy Lang (Creative Direction), Levin Bissig (Brand Designer).Responsible for Michael Stünzi, Daniel Röttele.

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