Farner creates a fresh image for Biohacks

The company Biohacks stands for vegan functional foods in organic quality. For Biohacks Schweiz AG Group, Farner Group took on the redesign of the website and sales documents, product design, product positioning and support for entry into new markets.

Biohacks is active in the fast-growing functional foods market and develops and markets organic vegan drinks and nutritional supplements. In addition, the company communicates and promotes the topic of biohacking, people's deeper understanding of their own organism with nutrition experts and biohackers. Supported by knowledge, data and technical tools, people should better exploit their physical and mental potential.

New Auftritt

With the support of Biohacks, Farner has already finalized the conception and implementation of the new website and the redesign of the sales documents. Furthermore, the brand structure and the packaging of the two most important product lines "Spirit" and "Mood" were revised within the scope of the collaboration.

The initial can design of the Spirit Universe, created under the leadership of founder Jonathan Sehlinger, was further developed together. The Biohacks drinks now appear stronger, more exotic and more expressive.

The clear, precise design in the "Mood" universe, in turn, is intended to point to the high quality and functionality of the shots and powder products, which specifically support the human organism in sleep, regeneration, everyday life and immune defence. "With the new, fresh appearance, we can position ourselves more clearly in the market," says Stefan Jans, Chief Marketing Officer and responsible for the Biohacks Group.

In addition, Farner Branding accompanied the entry of Biohacks into new markets and areas.

Responsible at Biohacks: Ingo Lange (CEO Biohacks), Stefan Jans (Chief Marketing Officer), Jonathan Sehlinger (Founder/ Product Development), Linda Lux (Product Design).

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