Rosarot and Pinkfish animate Switzerland to celebrate

For party goods online retailer Pinkfish, the Rosarot agency further developed the brand, redesigned the online platform, developed a usability that leads to the goal with ease even after the first champagne, and revitalized the social media channels.

Parties are once again becoming an important part of our lives - whether it's our ninth birthday or our ninetieth, whether it's our first wedding or our third, and whether it's a big bash, a little football game or a girls' night out. Under the name Pinkfish, the online provider from Thalwil, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, wants to celebrate these parties with the whole of Switzerland. With the complete redesign of Rosarot, Pinkfish has now given itself a present.

Rain of confetti provides orientation

In the first phase, Rosarot refreshed the brand. The logo now features a distinctive typeface and is cheerfully playful. The colourful confetti shapes, which are a design element throughout the entire brand presence and provide orientation, are also intended to ensure playfulness. In addition to the name, the claim was also adapted in a further step, which is now intended to activate more strongly with "Pretty up your party". In phase two, the challenge was to present thousands of articles in a new web shop, in which it is easy to find what one wants to find. As clear and concise as the complete appearance is, as emotional and playful light the whole thing should come across.

Thousands of ideas - find them quickly

For this, Rosarot developed a functional UX design in a modern-reduced style with a new color and type world, in which one can quickly and safely navigate through the jungle of products and always discover new articles. At the heart of this is the comprehensive filter function to cater for a wide variety of themes, colours and occasions. Pinkfish is thus intended to serve as a source of ideas and inspiration for decorating your own party in a magical way. In order for Switzerland to get to in the first place, Pinkfish also ensures that there is enough party atmosphere on the social media channels.

Responsible at Pinkfish: Daniella Pires. Responsible at Rosarot: René Karrer (Creative Direction); Andreas Steiner (Content and UX Strategy); Dani Sütterlin (Consulting); Labinot Gashi (Director Digital); Caroline Etter, Isabelle Niemann (Project Management Digital Marketing); Moreno Carroccia (Performance Marketing); Sarah Därendinger, Bianca Berger (Art Direction); Marcela Narvaez, Jonas Hartmann (Graphics); Dirk Schilling, Danusha Kuchtova, Natasa Maricic (Text).

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