Branders refreshes the Globalwine brand

Branders refreshes the brand identity of the premium wine shop Globalwine and supports the acquisition of both new customers and partners through a targeted re-design of important touchpoints.

As an importer of high-quality wines from all over the world and as a consultant to wineries in different countries and regions, Globalwine has established itself as a strong player in the Swiss wine trade. With a view to strengthening its positioning in a competitive environment increasingly dominated by online trade, Branders supported Globalwine in sharpening its brand strategy and in the targeted revision of its image.

In order to optimise the approach to the different target groups in the B2C and B2B environment, both content and design potentials were identified at various touchpoints and implemented in the form of new communication and advertising materials.

For example, private customer mailings were completely redesigned and enriched with storytelling elements that present not only the wines, but also their origin and their makers. At the same time, new content was prepared for the newsletter mailing and for social media channels in order to create a consistent omnichannel brand experience in which the passion for wine spills over to the customer.

To strengthen the brand's digital presence and make it more interactive, a YouTube channel was established as part of a social media strategy, for which new video content is constantly being created. The digital channels are also supported by targeted SEA measures, which are intended to generate traffic even before the launch of the new webshop in late summer.

In the gastronomy as well as in the specialized and wholesale trade, the redesign of the assortment catalogue and the newly designed, periodically published sales brochure "Cosmos" are to address target groups more efficiently and emotionally. Moreover, on the producer side, a renowned winery from Tuscany has already been won as a new partner in Globalwine's premium portfolio with a newly designed company presentation.

Responsible at Globalwine: Geri Theiler (CEO), Yvo Magnusson (Head of Sales Gastronomy), Alain Bramaz (Head Oenologist & Viticulture Consultant) Micha Lindauer (Private Clients & Fine Wines), Stefan Lieberherr (Graphics & Design), Brigitte Auf der Maur (Digital Marketing). Responsible at Branders: René Allemann (CEO, Creative Director & Founder), Marisa Güntlisberger (Director Omnichannel Experience), Philippe Knupp (Strategy Director), Oliver Schmuki (Senior Editor), Micha Kumpf (Senior Brand Designer), Anita Hsieh (Brand Designer), Thomas Hausheer (Creative Brand Technologist), Martin Fähndrich (Video Journalist).

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