In Flagranti makes the unknown tangible for Bergwelt Grindelwald

In Flagranti Design and In Flagranti Communication have created corporate design, imagery and digital communication for the Alpine Design Resort "Bergwelt Grindelwald", with the aim of arousing imagination and curiosity.

Under the name "Bergwelt Grindelwald", an Alpine Design Resort with residences, hotel operations, bar, restaurant and a wellness and spa area will open in the legendary winter sports resort in June 2021. With its "Call of the Unknown" narrative, "Bergwelt Grindelwald" invites explorers, dreamers and daredevils to join it. In collaboration for and with the Swiss Design Collection, In Flagranti Design developed the corporate design, In Flagranti Communication designed the online presence and is responsible for the digital marketing for the Alpine Design Resort as a Google partner agency.

For the visual appearance of "Bergwelt Grindelwald", In Flagranti Design was inspired by regionally characteristic stones, mountain silhouettes and gabled roofs. The agency borrowed the colour scheme from the slate slabs and nature in Grindelwald: subtle violet-red tones, copper-yellow, verdigris and glacial ice. From this, In Flagranti developed a kaleidoscopic-looking visual world of superimposed nature shots, which lends depth to the brand narrative "Call of the Unknown".

To arouse curiosity about a hotel that is still in the making, In Flagranti Communication created an emotional online presence including a launch film for the "Bergwelt Grindelwald". Unusual word combinations and metaphorically effective images are intended to stimulate the imagination and awaken the desire to answer the "call of the unknown". The digital marketing team of In Flagranti Communication wants to ensure the corresponding influx with conception, planning and playout of digital communication measures such as Google Ads, Programmatic Advertising and Social Media Ads as well as the development and maintenance of organic social media channels. In this way, the Alpine Design Resort "Bergwelt Grindelwald" will also touch explorers, dreamers and daredevils on site from June 2021.

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