Reputation ranking: Migros, Victorinox, Zweifel, Rega, SRK and the Paraplegic Foundation enjoy the best reputation

Every year, GfK Business Reflector determines the most renowned companies and non-profit organizations in Switzerland: Switzerland once again selects Migros as number 1, while Rega tops the NPO ranking.

Migros leads the reputation ranking for the eighth time in a row. Victorinox follows in second place, a new addition to the ranking due to increased awareness. Zweifel takes third place. The ranking for non-profit organizations (NPOs) is once again headed by Rega, ahead of the Swiss Red Cross and the Paraplegic Foundation.

In January and February, GfK conducted a population-representative survey to determine the reputation of the most important Swiss companies and NPOs.

Migros remains the undisputed company with the best reputation among the Swiss population. Dr. Anja Reimer of GfK Switzerland is impressed: "The company achieves top scores above all in terms of social-moral reputation. Here, Migros is more than three percentage points ahead of the second-best company Migros also remains the company with which the Swiss can identify most."

Martin Nellen, Head of Communications & Media, says: "We are extremely pleased about this award and the trust of our customers, especially in this ongoing, stressful time of the Corona pandemic. A big thank you goes to our dedicated employees who are in the thick of things every day as helpful ambassadors for Migros."

In second place comes Victorinox, which was newly included in the ranking this year due to its increased level of awareness. The company achieves top scores in terms of rational appreciation.

Zweifel, Lindt & Sprüngli and Ricola are followed by three consumer goods manufacturers in third to fifth place. Coop improved by one rank and is now in sixth place, followed by Rivella and Geberit. Mobiliar moved up three places and is now in the top 10. Emmi remains in 10th place.

Rega comes out on top again in the NPO ranking

Among the non-profit organizations, Swiss Air-Rescue Rega leads the ranking for the fourth time in a row, followed by the Swiss Red Cross and the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation. Commenting on the award, Karin Hörhager, Head of Communications and Patrons at Rega, says: "We would like to thank the public for their great support and the trust they have placed in us. All Rega employees are very pleased about this and it spurs us on to continue working tirelessly for a modern, nationwide air rescue service in Switzerland that puts the well-being of patients first."

Fairtrade Max Havelaar improved its ranking by two places and is now in fourth place. Doctors without Borders, Spitex Schweiz, Schweizer Berghilfe, TCS, WWF and Pro Senectute follow in the other ranks.

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