Branders turns RehaClinic into the Zurzach Care brand

Branders creates a new brand for the RehaClinic Group that combines the strong foundation and the future of the company - from a new name to a holistic brand experience.

The origins of the RehaClinic Group go back to the tapping of the healing thermal springs in Bad Zurzach over 65 years ago. Since then, the company has continuously expanded its competencies in inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and developed additional attractive prevention offerings. Today, the Group offers much more than just rehabilitation.

Against this background, it became clear that the name "RehaClinic" was also no longer sufficient to meet the Group's strategic aspirations. The new brand name Zurzach Care builds on the foundation of tradition and experience and builds a bridge to the future. To the brand's vision of caring for people's needs in partnership.

The redesigned logo is intended to accentuate the connection between origin and future by staging contrasting typographies, while the colour tone conveys warmth and closeness. The color palette continues in the revised imagery. Branders completely revamped the foundation for the digital presence, brochures, stationery, to apparel and signaling, creating a consistent 360-degree brand experience.

Responsible at Zurzach Care: Serge Altmann (CEO), Marietta Werder (Head of Communications). Responsible at Branders: René Allemann (CEO & Creative Director), Philippe Knupp (Strategy Director), Sarah Egger (Junior Brand Consultant), Palma Manco (Senior Brand Designer), Micha Kumpf (Senior Brand Designer), Sarah Trendle (Executive Brand Designer).

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