Jung von Matt Brand Identity: Energy connects

Energy presents itself with a new claim. "Voll bi dir" (Full of you) is intended to get to the heart of what Energy is all about: closeness and solidarity with the people of Switzerland. Jung von Matt Brand Identity provided strategic advice to Energy and developed the new positioning.

Since its launch in 2003, the Energy entertainment brand has developed from a local radio station into a strong media brand. With its own entertainers and entertainment formats, Energy entertains fans on the radio, on social media and at events developed in-house.

However, the core of the mainstream brand has remained largely unchanged for 18 years. "Stars & Hits" is still relevant for addressing the target group, but has been less and less able to grasp the greatly changing media needs of a multi-layered community. To make Energy's identity fit for future development, the brand core and brand profile were fundamentally revised.

A positive attitude to life that connects

After an analysis of the brand status and the brand environment, strategic insights regarding brand identity, target group approach and differentiation potentials were developed and the content-related identity basics were worked out in a brand profile workshop.

The decisive factor was to make visible the identity characteristics of the Energy brand that have shaped its success and to interpret them in the context of changing media needs. What has distinguished Energy since its launch and made it successful is its ability to translate the target group's and community's attitude to life into entertainment. Energy has its finger on the pulse of international trends and topics and translates them with local relevance.

Energy has always been a conversation starter and "shareable content" that sometimes polarizes, but always brings people, opinions and issues together. These essential characteristics were summarized in the brand promise "Entertainment that connects people". The brand profile developed for Energy serves as a sharpened guideline for communication and the development of brand content and experiences. Accordingly, Energy was able to develop the claim and the current campaign independently - based on the brand profile.

Responsible at EnergyDominique Hufschmid, Romina Stache, Bernhard Brechbühl, Pascal Frei. Responsible at Jung von Matt Brand IdentityJulius Jäger, Diana Geissel, Thomas Deigendesch, Dominique von Matt.

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