PinkSquirrel dives into new chocolate worlds for Confiserie Sprüngli

Haut Chocolatier Confiserie Sprüngli launches a new collection of exclusive chocolate bars. Together with Sprüngli, PinkSquirrel has designed a completely independent appearance for the comprehensive chocolate range.


The new Sprüngli range consists of 18 chocolate bars and broken chocolates. The Zurich agency has designed an independent appearance for the range. Eight different packaging designs tell about the diverse and typical origin of the cocoa beans. Sprüngli uses a new FSC-certified packaging material, free of genetic engineering and partly consisting of environmentally friendly recycled agricultural residues such as corn, sugar cane or kiwi fruit.

The richly illustrated design worlds are also intended to serve as a central platform with which to immerse oneself in the new campaign: The new Sprüngli chocolate bars will be launched digitally immediately on banners, So-Me ads, So-Me content including a competition, as well as via landing page and newsletter. The digital campaign is complemented by soundscapes, which allow the countries of origin of the chocolate to be experienced.


Responsible at Confiserie Sprüngli:Yumy Pham (Head of Marketing); Pascal Kielholz (Product Manager); Zoë Gertsch (Head of Communications); Joshua Beckert (Digital & Social Media Officer).Responsible at PinkSquirrel:Flo Wacker, Viviana Chiosi, Simon Staub, Thomas Ammann Creation); Flavia Salvisberg (Consulting); Ella Tjader (Illustration).

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