Pink puts the crown on the ginger shots from King's Food

The startup King's Food from the canton of Lucerne produces ginger shots itself. For the rebranding of the fruity drinks, the Zurich agency developed the new brand identity, which included name development and packaging design.


Prince Pineapple, Queen Wheatgrass or Royal Beetroot - these are the new names of the ginger shots from King's Food. The six ginger shots are delicious, healthy and have a natural taste. The juices are cold-pressed so that all valuable nutrients are preserved. The central ingredient is always organic ginger. And all of this tastes so regal that it puts the crown on the taste. This is exactly the game that the branding specialists at Rosarot continued to play.

Thus, each ginger shot was given a certain noble title, which at the same time refers to the manufacturer King's Food and is intended to strengthen the new branding. In addition, the labeling on the bottles was also designed in an unusual way: The fruit or vegetable varieties of the respective flavors are brightly colored and illustrated with fresh, eye-catching colors. Thus, they already look at the consumer expectantly with big eyes. In addition, the King's Food crown has been added to each variety and the previous logo has been refreshed. For an overall playful and cheeky appearance, to stand out in the broad mass of food and position itself as a trendy product that should definitely be tried.


Responsible at King's Food: Gabriela Bärlocher, Mirco Oliveri (Management). Responsible at Rosarot: René Karrer (Creative Direction), Merve Palaz (Consulting), Thorsten Hainke (Senior Text & Concept), Dirk Schilling (Junior Text & Concept), Sarah Därendinger (Art Direction), Marcela Narvaez (Graphic Design).

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